Why Fiverr sucks and what your alternative is.

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Marketing Tips

1) Fiverr takes 1/5 of your sales

You read that right. Fiverr takes 1/5th of your sales. So even if you were to make only $5. You will only be paid $4. Imagine if you made $500. Fiver would take $100 and you would only get $400! Imagine being hugely successful in your offering. In one year, let’s say you make $50,000. Fiverr takes $10,000! Now, imagine giving them $10,000 every year when you could have kept it for yourself.

2) Fiverr will not pay you for 1-2 weeks

Even after completing the masterpiece that you’ll make for your client and the client approves of it and says that it is awesome, you will not receive your funds for 7-15 days. 

If you were without food or had to pay bills. You would have to go without, be subject to a fee for delay in paying your bills, just because Fiverr needs to hold on to the money for whatever reason. That doesn’t seem fair. Especially, if you obtained the customer by advertising your own Fiverr page. Imagine your customer lived next door to you and was just about to give you the money in cash but then you went with Fiverr. You could have had those much needed funds immediately for the hard, high quality and well-earned work of yours.

3) Fiverr doesn’t advertise you. You have to advertise your Fiverr page

When you’re on Fiverr and sharing your Fiverr page, it seems like you’re advertising Fiverr and you’re paying to get the work. It should be the other way around.

They should be advertising you and then maybe you would be glad to give them a part of the revenue for doing that service. However, that isn’t the case.

4) By advertising Fiverr, you’re unintentionally advertising the competition.

While Fiverr may seem like it’s a place for you to offer your services, Fiverr also stabs you in the back and offers the services of someone doing the same thing as you and the services you don’t. Some humans have a short attention span. You don’t want them being given a reason to leave your page on Fiver in order to see what else is available. This could lead to losing the sale and also losing the client!

The Alternative Solution!

If you have a product or service to sell, I think that if you’re advertising work whether via paid ads or free social posts/shares, you shouldn’t share your revenue with anyone but yourself and perhaps your payment service (PayPal, Venmo or other service).

I suggest you do the following:

a) Sign up for an account on PayPal.

b) Create a web site of your own using a do-it-yourself web site builder like WordPress and put a button on your site which you can get from your PayPal account so that you can receive payments directly.

If you can’t/don’t want to create your own site/page, consider hiring a web designer ( PsssT! I’m a web designer! I can create this for you for a one time fee! [ Email me at Line@LineDetail.com ])

c) Start enjoying the profits of your sales without giving money to some site for doing nothing for you!

Why you should do the alternative solution

1) With your own site you can share all of the work you’ve made in the past and display the work in a nice way as well as showing off your own brand. This is your chance to make an impression!

2) You’ll only be advertising yourself. You won’t be advertising Fiverr and all of the competition working against you.

3) You don’t have to share revenue with anyone!

4) Analytics / Statistics. If you install a free service from Google called Google Analytics, you can see how much traffic goes to your web site, what content they looked at, what content they didn’t look at. 

You can see what site referred them to your site (facebook, twitter, instagram, or maybe even some special web site.) Having statistics about the content of your site and your offerings can help you design your site and make informative, data-backed business decisions. For example, You may be posting ads online focused on one topic and see a lot of traffic coming in for it but they’re not checking out other works under a different topic. That would mean that you should make an ad for that topic/target audience to drive traffic leading to more sales for that other offering of yours.

If you sign up for the other free service from Google called Google Search Console, you can then see what search terms people are finding your website with and try to polish the pages it refers to so your website can optimize performance in acquiring you new business.

If you don’t know how to do this and want some help, as your web designer, I can help you install this to get you going [ Email me at Line@LineDetail.com ] )

Thanks for reading. I hope this article enlightens you.




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