Illustrator, Line, is for the most part, a self-taught artist. Influenced and inspired by all media outlets, Line always attempts to one-up his next piece even though there’s no incentive aside from a constant need to do better.

“To The Moonlit House We Go”

New illustration in my hopeful journey to one day make my Moonlit House a reality.

Zombie Jester

A client requested a zombie jester. Here’s what I came up with.

The Knocking Cover art

Cover Art: The Knocking

Here’s some cover art I did for a comic.

The Wizard And The Warrior

The Wizard and The Warrior

Illustration drawn of a warrior and his son

Cutie At The Movies

Here’s an original toon I drew. “When she would watch the movies, she would get so immersed, you’d think she was the only one in the theater.”

“Man’s Ruin”

Custom Illustration for someone’s tattoo in the theme of
a modern “Man’s Ruin” tattoo.

Doggy Illustrated for Custom-made Cocktail Drink Umbrellas

Terraforma Cosmic Corsair

Illustration of an original character I created named Terraforma. She’s from planet Terra. Her crest pays homage to her home planet. Her treasure she steals or what she takes is lifeless planets and transforms them using her “weapon”; Terraforming bombs she brings life to the planets without life. As opposed to destruction, she is about creation.

Lil Binky Album Cover

Album Cover Illustration for Lil Binky – Elijah’s Room.

The 4 Labradors

A client requested to create a piece showing their 4 labradors and each of their unique personalities or quirks. Here’s what I came up with.

Illustration for FanFiction

A writer client of mine requested I read their story and draw a piece of art based on it. Here’s the result.

Promo illustration for a Boom Box

Client wanted an epic looking illustration displaying a boom box. Can you feel the bass?

Promo illustration from game: Dwarf King

Client wanted an animated scene displaying a dwarf taking down those who were in his way to being king. This is the illustration created for that animation.

Promo illustration for movie ParaNorman

The stop-motion animated film ParaNorman had a contest to create a character of your own that could be part of the ParaNorman world. Here’s my character Burger Loving Barney. A huge fan of burgers and shakes, he would not even put his food down as the current dragged him out to sea. Unable to make it back to land he drowned, but at least he died happily with burger and shake in hand.

Fan Art illustration for movie ParaNorman

After seeing the trailer for this movie I knew I would be a fan. This piece was made in about 14 hours. If you’d like to see the coloring process of this, i made a timelapse video:

Line’s Netherworld Tree

This is a random illustration I came up with. It’s one of my favorite pieces.