Logo Designer

Here are some logos I have made in various styles.

Logo Designed for Online Gaming Community

Client requested a glossy, orange and blue colored logo centered around podcast coverage of special gaming events.

Logo Designed for YouTube Cooking Channel

Client BFAM Cooking had a flat logo and wanted to give it some 3D feel. I took that and animated it as well for use in their YouTube videos. Assets were exported out using an alpha channel so the logo could go above other video content in subsequent videos.

Personal Care Kit Design

I created the logo and all green packaging was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator using gradient meshes. Type was made using a pre-made stock font. However, the logo is made out of a group of fonts which I then outlined and modified.

Logo for BootyByRudi.com

Fitness Client requested a lavender, green, pink word mark logo. Here’s what I created for BootyByRudi.com.

Logo for sci-fi.com

Client requested a very specific look and feel for their logo design for sci-fi.com. This is the result.

YouTube Channel Art And Avatar

Client requested the creation of an avatar / profile image for their YouTube page as well as channel art that will serve as a banner for their channel. Client who goes by the initials of CH takes objects, breaks them open in order to see how they work and then modifies them to make them better.

Logo Design For Kleech

Client requested a sort of abstract design to display the letter K for their game engine where everything you need is included in a box.  The design takes the idea literally and this is the result made for Kleech Game Engine.