Animal Illustrator

Animal illustrator Line has drawn animals in many different styles. One of his favorite drawing styles is that of comic illustration.
If you’d like to have a drawing done of your favorite animal(s), please email Line.

Grey Dog

grey dog

Stray Cat

Rockabilly Stray Cat by Line

This cool cat was drawn for my love of the rockin’ music band The Stray Cats.

Four Labradors

These 4 labradors were drawn as a commissioned request. The client gave detailed descriptions of each labrador. The client loved the piece and had it printed to give as a gift to his companion.

Anvil Duck

What happens when Satan and an anvil mate when using a duck’s egg for an egg donor?

This is what.


Cute Dog With Ball

Black Bird

Black bird

The illustration of this black bird has a cool, contrast of light and the style is something I would like to draw again.

Puppy & Kitty

Puppy And Kitty

Fluffer The Bird

Fluffer the blue bird

I had a dream about Fluffer. He was so cute. He would inhale and blow up or puff up similar to a puffer fish but not quite as large.

Cat & Dog Pals

Cat And Dog Pals
illustrated dog

About my art as an animal illustrator

While the illustrations of animals on this page of my art portfolio is limited to only some dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and a kangaroo, I’m interested in drawing other animals too. If you’d like to hire me for a comission of an animal of your choosing, please email me the details. Also note, if you would like to see me draw animals in a particular style, let me know. I like to vary my creative artwork.

Animal illustrator, Line, likes to draw or illustrate  other things as well

Interested in seeing my line illustration work?