Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO is part of a web site’s ability to help in three ways. 1) It helps make your page load faster. 2) It helps people find your page if it’s something they’re searching for. 3) It makes your page more informative and can lead users to read more of  your related pages on your site.

Have Line Optimize Your Site:

I provide SEO service at a rate of $65 per page which includes the following: 

– optimizing images in size and weight on the page and adding related alt tags where available
– extending related text to meet the 300 word minimum for search engines’ requirements.
– Making sure the header and opening paragraph include the keyphrase you’re aiming for on the page.
– linking to other pages within the site using their related words.
– external linking to the sites social media to show social proofing.

To Optimize The Site Yourself:

If you’d like to do the SEO yourself, here’s a tool I use for image weight optimization:

Tiny PNG is a site where you can upload the image you want to display and it removes any data that’s not necessary while making the file weight of your image as low as possible.

When it comes to the words of your page, and you want people to find it, make sure you make the first words the words you think people will be searching for to find your page. For example Search Engine Optimization is for this page you’re reading. I also made the first words of the first paragraph also say the same thing. Do this for all the pages you want to be found in your site.

Note: When you write these pages, write them into real informative sentences. Don’t just post a bunch of keywords separated by commas. It won’t help and may down rank you from search engines.

Other Web Services I Provide:

I also offer web site design, animation for the web, video editing and also online advertisements.