Web Designer

Web Designer Line utilizes today’s modern website content management system, WordPress.

Line has been designing sites since 1998 and has a huge spectrum of experience in multiple markets.

Line loves to share his valuable insight as well as hearing your desires and input into making a custom website for you.

If you need a super customized, illustrated, animated site to really immerse your audience; 
Email Line at Line@LineDetail.com

Top Requested Web Site Features :

• Online shopping
• Image Galleries
• Slideshows
• Ability to Search
• Blog
• Ability to edit the site yourself (training included)
• Video
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Animated Web Graphics

Theme-Based Sites

Do you need a site with a specific theme?
I can illustrate, design and animate to meet your specific needs.

The Jekyll & Hyde Entertainment Group

Client requested a theme-based site with animated curtains and
castle-like feel along with an animated intro sequence.
Line created all Illustrations,

animations and graphics.

Agent for Caroline Harrison

Client requested an animated site to play music of the artist and to display promotional material. Content of the site was animated within the wooden frame with mini parts being revealed as you navigation.

Flood The Club

Club promotion site FloodTheClub had me design a site where the design of the site is the outside of a fictional club with animated billboards & signage on it. The bottom of the site feaured lines of people looking to enter the club with an animated cascading waterfall.

WordPress Sites

Dr Bush MD


Responsive site made for Doctor Shane Bush and his practice in Portage, IN. Made for desktop and mobile devices. Live site: BushMD.com

All Media Agency Digital Web Site

All Media Agency

Responsive site made All Media Agency. Made for desktop and mobile devices. Live site: AMADigital.me

Custom Mobile/Desktop Sites

Bonnie Goldberg Art Web Site


Responsive site made for Abstract Figurative Artist, Bonnie Goldberg. Made for desktop and mobile devices. Live site: BonnieGoldberg.com

Green Culture Labs Web Site

Green Culture Labs

Responsive site made for Green Culture Labs. Creator of products made with plants.

Website Designer FAQs

(F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to build a web site?

Website construction time is related to the content you desire. In it’s most basic form without any design or any of your content delivered, I could create a site in an hour. With a little bit of design, a day. If you want an intricate site with lots of illustration, animation and customized sections, it can take a week to a month.
It is really dependant on what you want. Another important factor is how fast you deliver the content you want displayed on the site.

Can you create animated graphics for it?

Yes, I am also an animator and I can create animated graphics in the following formats: 

  • Animated .gif files 
  • HTML5 (low file size)
  • Video

Other Website Design Needs


Aside from your website, you will need a logo, branding (The look and feel / style / your brand), graphics designed and animation / video.
Here’s links to those offerings in my portfolio: 

Have questions for web designer Line?

I look forward to your questions! Contact me 321-263-9277