Animator, Line, has animated 1,000’s of animations featuring characters, objects and scenes. If you’d like Line to animate something for you, email Line at

Animation Reel Video Excerpts:

Line’s Dancing Baby
Animation from music video for Nurp!
“I Make” – Photoshop Ad.
HeroTechs Antivirus Ad
Line’s Outro

Music Video Outtakes from Lil Binky – Elijah’s Room

Illustrated and animated by me. For: Lil Binky – Elijah’s Room.

Music Video “Buzzing”

Illustrated and animated by me. For musician: Shawn VanBrocklin and song titled “Buzzing”.

Public Stalls Are Not For Texting

Illustrated and animated by me. Be polite, don’t text where someone needs to use the bathroom!

Interested in seeing my motion graphics work?

Interested in seeing my line illustration work?