Twitch graphic designer Line, creates static & animated art

Twitch Graphic Designer Line creates Twitch channel graphics for panels, screens, badges and emojis

Twitch Graphic Designer, Line, creates visuals both static & animated. Line creates panels, emojis, badges, profile pics, channel designs

Based on your illustation or animation requests, Line can illustrate, design, and animate your offline screens, interstitials, profile picture(avatar), panels, and other graphics for Twitch.

Email Line at to discuss your Twitch channel design needs.

Twitch channel design set made for Streamer: Eel134

Eel134 wanted a theme based around an Eel character which I illustrated and designed.
This set included an Offline Screen, Avatar and Panel Headers

This is a Twitch offline screen I illustrated and designed for streamer Eel134. 

Here is an illustrated and designed Twitch avatar/logo I made for streamer Eel134.

Here is some Twitch panels I made for streamer Eel134 using an Eel theme.

Twitch graphic designer-made emojis for channel GameProdigy / Black Sheep


Twitch streamer, Game Prodigy, requested some black sheep illustrations for his badges and some custom-made emojis. 

Custom illustrated badge

Twitch Channel Badge Black Sheep

Twitch graphic designer illustrated emojis

Twitch channel emoji Rest In Piece RIP
Twitch channel emoji Tactical Poo Over White
Twitch channel emoji Tactical Poo Over Green
Twitch channel emoji Laughing out load LOL over purple
Twitch channel emoji Laughing out load LOL over black
Twitch channel emoji Hype over green

Badges for channel loopych00n

Loopych00n requested this maniacal face he shared in an image and requested I draw it in my own style to be used as his Twitch channel badges. This is the result. The end file size given to Loopych00n was 72 pixels x 72 pixels in a .png image format requested by Twitch.

Custom illustrated badge

Twitch channel emoji Rest In Piece RIP

Reviews from those who used my services:

Thank you for the fast service and excellent style! I will definitely be a repeat customer!


The new logo looks great! The Offline screen looks amazing!! I love the way the eel came out. 


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Line is not just a Twitch graphic designer.
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