Illustrator, Animator, Web Designer, and Graphic Designer, known as ‘Line’

Line aka Mark Cansino is an illustrator, animator, and designer

I’m Line aka Mark Cansino. I’m a Multimedia Designer with over 20 years of work in digital art, illustration, animation, graphic design, and web design.

I’ve made 1,000’s of animated & interactive advertisements, illustrations, and 100’s of web pages & videos. 


4/5/2023: Banner Ad Design has been added to my portfolio for anyone needing custom made banner ads for online advertising. Here’s a link: /banner-ad-creative-designer/

4/5/2023: I modified the menu naviation on this site. I decided to move the most requested type of work of mine to the top of the list. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know.

9/17/2022: Line now offers character illustration and rigging via Adobe Character Animator for anyone looking to do video streaming using a custom made cartoon character drawn by yours truly. For those that don’t know, Adobe Character Animator uses your computers webcam to capture your body and facial movements and mimics those movements to a premade cartoon character or in this case, a custom-illustrated toon made by Line. Cost for a fully custom character and rigging: $520

7/1/2021: I now offer Managed WordPress hosting.
Includes 1 hour of text/visual updates per quarter of the year. Server status & WordPress plugins checked daily. Cost: $378 / year

Creative Offerings

Below are links to pages of work I have created.

Lakeland Subreddit Icon

Logo Design

I’ve created logos for online stores, books, music, cooking, online communities and businesses.

Zombie Jester 300 x 300

Line Illustration

My main art style is with a comic-style look and feel. Line drawn and filled with color.

Family Painting 300x300

Digital Painting

Digital painting is another creative service I offer for those who want a fantasy art style.

Bonnie Goldberg Art Web Site

Web Design

I create sites that are great to display a gallery, online store and more. 

Sea Monster

Motion Design

I’ve created 1,000’s of animated advertisements and 100’s of animated videos. 

Lil Binkly Elijah's Room Album Cover Art


I’ve drawn and animated for music videos, online shows, commercials, ads, and YouTube channels.

Niche Creative Offerings

Twitch Graphic Designer Line creates Twitch channel graphics for panels, screens, badges and emojis

Twitch Channel Graphic Design

Have a professional looking channel designed, illustrated and animated by Line.

Anime Graphic Design

Anime or manga illustrations and designs can be created by Line for your comic, animation, website, or other graphic use.