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I’ve been using Tea Tree firm hold vegan hair gel from Paul Mitchell. It is not as sticky or have a glue-like feeling as some other non-vegan hair gels I have used and works well. It has a good hold for the day and after i’ve laid down; my hair looks dry and clean when i’m up.

The 6oz squeeze bottle is $14.00 on amazon. Here’s a link, click here.

Tea Tree Vegan hair gel from Paul Mitchell
Tea Tree Vegan hair gel from Paul Mitchell. Back of bottle.

How I apply this vegan hair gel

  1. I squeeze a line out across three fingers
  2. I place the bottle down and get my other hand a little wet with water.
  3. I rub the two hands together to get the gel on the surface of both palms, careful not too let it bunch up in any area or between fingers.
  4. I run my fingers and palm through my hair, mostly on the parts that will hold the shape like the front and sides and massage the rest elsewhere.
  5. I blow dry my hair with a vented brush , brushing my hair towards the center of my crown. I’m usually standing but bend downward to let gravity pull my hair down while drying.
  6. I give my hair a minute or two to relax, then I put a little water on my hands and finger style my hair back. i imagine the water reactivates the gel after having been blown dry.
Left side hair style using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree vegan hair Gel
Right side hair style using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree vegan hair Gel

After using this for a bit, I dig it!

I like that it isn’t hard feeling on my hair. It doesn’t look greasy. If you have arthritis, note, the cap is easy to open. It smells nice. Best of all, Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree firm hold hair gel is vegan-friendly!
Click here to order Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree vegan hair gel on amazon.



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