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Hello There!
I'm Mark Cansino aka Line. I'm a Multimedia Designer with 20 years of work in the digital design arena. I've made 1,000's of animated & interactive advertisements, 100's of landing pages and 100's of videos.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio. If you're ready to have me work on your project, Please email me at

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Graphic Design

Custom Illustrated and Designed Trifold Menu

For this smoothie cafe, I decided to create a digitally drawn watercolor style illustrated menu. Illustrated using custom made brushes in Adobe Photoshop, laid out in Adobe InDesign.

Personal Care Kit Design

I created the logo and all green packaging was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator using gradient meshes. Type was made using a pre-made stock font. However, the logo is made out of a group of fonts which I then outlined and modified.

Logo for

Fitness Client requested a lavender, green, pink word mark logo. Here's what I created for

Logo for

Client requested a very specific look and feel for their logo design for This is the result.

Restaurant Menu For Display On Digital Signage

Client requested a digital menu board to match their menu in print. Seeing a lot of old barn wood in the restaurant, I decided to use that as the backdrop of the menu. Digital menu made in Adobe InDesign.

YouTube Channel Art And Avatar

Client requested the creation of an avatar / profile image for their YouTube page as well as channel art that will serve as a banner for their channel. Client who goes by the initials of CH takes objects, breaks them open in order to see how they work and then modifies them to make them better.

Logo Design For Kleech

Kleech Game Engine

HTML5 Advertisements

Here's a sample HTML5 Ad created using Adobe Animate.
File size under 60kb. Utilizes Google Web Fonts.

Comic Illustration

Illustration for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Adobe Creative Cloud and Sony Pictures Animation held a art contest for the film: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This is my illustrated entry which was then partially animated which you can see at this YouTube link by clicking here.

Illustration for FanFiction
A writer client of mine requested I read their story and draw a piece of art based on it. Here's the result.

Promo illustration for a Boom Box
Client wanted an epic looking illustration displaying a boom box. Can you feel the bass?

Promo illustration from game: Dwarf King
Client wanted an animated scene displaying a dwarf taking down those who were in his way to being king. This is the illustration created for that animation.

Promo illustration for movie ParaNorman
The stop-motion animated film ParaNorman had a contest to create a character of your own that could be part of the ParaNorman world. Here's my character Burger Loving Barney. A huge fan of burgers and shakes, he would not even put his food down as the current dragged him out to sea. Unable to make it back to land he drowned, but at least he died happily with burger and shake in hand.

Line's Netherworld Tree
This is a random illustration I came up with. It's one of my favorite pieces.

Web Site Design

Responsive site made for Abstract Figurative Artist, Bonnie Goldberg. Made for desktop and mobile devices. Live site:

Client requested a theme-based site with animated curtains and castle-like feel along with a animated into sequence. Illustrations, Animations and Graphics Made with Adobe Photoshop & Flash.

Client requested an animated Flash site to play music of the artist and to display promotional material. Made with Adobe Photoshop. Coded & Animated with Adobe Flash.

Client: FloodTheClub
Club promotion site wanted a redesign of their old site. I decided to do a theme-based site where the design is the outside of a faux club. The site was created with HTML, Photoshop and animated with Adobe Flash.


Music Video
Illustrated and animated by me. For musician: Shawn VanBrocklin and song titled "Buzzing".

Animation Reel Video Excerpts:
Line's Dancing Baby
Animation from music video for Nurp!
"I Make" - Photoshop Ad.
HeroTechs Antivirus Ad
Line's Outro


Mark is a go to source for many of our projects, from digital menu boards to banners and logos but it's not just commercial work as he has helped us on our personal works as well, from some photoshop to full invitations. Great guy to work with!

- Shaun

Line did logo and design work for our site His quality of work is excellent and he delivered everything on time and on budget. A strong asset of Line's is that he is able to process layman/non-artist comments into his process effectively and is able to quickly deliver what is asked for. He was very responsive and it was a pleasure to work with him. I would work with Line again and would highly recommend him.

- Jason Hardcastle,

I've had the pleasure of working with Mark for over 5 years both in the corporate setting and freelance environment. Mark is a unique graphic designer and illustrator, who thinks outside of the box. His talent and creativity shine in his work!

- Melissa

Mark "Line" Cansino DBA:
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