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Animation Reel Video Excerpts:
Line's Dancing Baby
Animation from music video for Nurp!
"I Make" - Photoshop Ad.
HeroTechs Antivirus Ad
Line's Outro

Comic Illustration

Graphic Design

Personal Care Kit Design

For this project I created the logo and all green packaging was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator using gradient meshes. Type was made using a pre-made stock font. However, the logo is made out of a group of fonts which I then outlined and modified. The box was modified in Photoshop and the flower in the front was masked out of a photo found on Google images.

Restaurant Menu For Display On Digital Signage

Client requested a digital menu board to match their menu in print. Seeing a lot of old barn wood in the restaurant, I decided to use that as the backdrop of the menu. Digital menu made in Adobe InDesign.

YouTube Channel Art And Avatar

Client requested the creation of an avatar / profile image for their YouTube page as well as channel art that will serve as a banner for their channel. Client who goes by the initials of CH takes objects, breaks them open in order to see how they work and then modifies them to make them better.

Logo Design For Kleech

Video Editing

Client: NY Skin Goddess - Project: YouTube Video Channel

Video recorded using a DSLR camera, Lavalier mic for sound. Post production work of logo / opening & closing title done using Adobe After Effects. Product fly-ins / transitions with Adobe After Effects. Sound Editing done in Adobe Audition.

Web Site Design

Client requested a theme-based site with animated curtains and castle-like feel along with a animated into sequence. Illustrations, Animations and Graphics Made with Adobe Photoshop & Flash.

Client requested an animated Flash site to play music of the artist and to display promotional material. Made with Adobe Photoshop. Coded & Animated with Adobe Flash.