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News in 2004

New dating review site made for client Made with flash and photoshop, we created a basic site to get "Free From Convention | Your free guide to unconventional dating." up and running. Check it out!

Site For web entrepreneur Carol Talarico has launched. Head to to do your holiday shopping! or just buy gifts for someone or your self anytime!. Click here for it.

Interested in promoting your site on the web and need a banner ad created? For your viewing I added a new Banner Ads page to my portfolio. Click here for it.

Added a client feedback page to this site so you can view what my client's have to say about my work. Click here to view their feedback.

I just finished the design & development of a new online catalog site for 8 Futons | Ain't Just Futons. The web address of this newly launched site is

As of 5:00am this morning we finished the design & development and launched the new online store for client: Nature's Favor, Inc. The web address is Nature's Favor sells brands like Funky Farm, Herbacin, Badedas and Sans Soucis Cosmetics

Production of the long thought about Dark Line comic and web site begins: Click here for the site

Added a new Film making & Digital Video editing section with forums to our site You can get to it by going here:

This new 2004 design for The LineDetail Drawing Co. web site has been finished! Hope you enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts by clicking contact us and sending them to me.

New site designed for drum musician and teacher, Russ Kleiner

Finished construction of Komtrak creates Loose-leaf Binding systems such as the Komtrak, Inspiral and KOOOLBIND.

New redesign of Corporate Capital Services web site: Corporate Capital Services, Inc. (CCS) Your best solution for equipment financing.

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Today is: Thursday - 12/13/18
I've Launched a Kickstarter Campaign!
News submitted: 08/26/2016
I've illustrated a deck of poker cards for magicians, poker players and art lovers alike. I'm using kickstarter as my crowdsourcing platform to help get them printed. If you're interested in helping support my project, here's a link. The theme is elements and the title is Line's Deck Of Elements.
Lines Deck Of Elements
I'm Making A Game
News submitted: 08/20/2016
Here's a character from it:
Pixel Art!
News submitted: 07/25/2016
I've been helping make games this year. I decided to post some of my pixel art for you to see. Here's a link, please let me know what you think of it.
Dwarf King Art!
I recently made some art for an unreleased game titled "Dwarf King". Here's one piece from it:
News submitted: 06/25/2016
Dwarf King My art is now on shirts and they're available for purchase!
News submitted: 03/10/2016
Line's Art On Shirts For Sale Click here to check out the shirts! DOTA2 Lich Fan Art Video Reposted.
News submitted: 12/29/2015
I made the video shorter/faster and cut out all of my chatter. Here's the YouTube Link New Illustration: "Theeke"
News submitted: 12/28/2015
Have a look at it's creation on YouTube here.
Line Reaches 200 Subscribers on YouTube!
News submitted: 11/15/2015
I'm on a mission to become one of the most subscribed-to artists on YouTube and i just hit 200 subscribers. Only 999,800 to go! If you would like to see my art work production in time lapse videos and animations I have made, check out my channel and please subscribe :) Click Here. Be a fan of The LineDetail Drawing Co. on Facebook, click here. For More News & Event Updates click here.

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