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Mark is a go to source for many of our projects, from digital menu boards to banners and logos but it's not just commercial work as he has helped us on our personal works as well, from some photoshop to full invitations. Great guy to work with!

- Shaun

Line did logo and design work for our site His quality of work is excellent and he delivered everything on time and on budget. A strong asset of Line's is that he is able to process layman/non-artist comments into his process effectively and is able to quickly deliver what is asked for. He was very responsive and it was a pleasure to work with him. I would work with Line again and would highly recommend him.

- Jason Hardcastle,

I've had the pleasure of working with Mark for over 5 years both in the corporate setting and freelance environment. Mark is a unique graphic designer and illustrator, who thinks outside of the box. His talent and creativity shine in his work!

- Melissa

Mark "Line" Cansino DBA:
The LineDetail Drawing Co.
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